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Pacquiao beats Bradley cleanly again, this time gets the proper decision!

Written By Fighthits on Saturday, April 12, 2014 | 10:26 PM

Source: Ace Freeman | Fightfan.com

Manny Pacquiao W UD12 Tim Bradley

Manny Pacquiao found his vindication on Saturday night in Las Vegas where he clearly out-pointed Tim Bradley to win back his WBO welterweight title in an impressive performance. Pacquiao won by wide margins on all three cards to seal the win. Pacquaio came out more cautiously than he did in the first fight and both men look to feel each other out. Bradley landed a sharp right hand and looked more confident out of the gate this time. Pacquiao exploded with storm of leather in Round 2 and dazed Tim but the ‘Desert Storm’ responded well to stand his ground and land a few right hands to keep Pacquiao honest. Both men continued to trade big shots in the third and while Pacquiao had the edge and landed cleaner, Bradley showed resolve to stand in there and land a few of his own. It was a pure fire fight in the early going.

Things settled down somewhat in Round 4 and Bradley continued to load up with big right hands. Several found the mark and he appeared to momentarily stagger Manny for the first time in all their rounds together. Pacquiao came back with several big lefts but it was a Bradley round.

Tim came out with a little less fire in the fifth and Manny utilized a bit of moment to land more punches. Bradley continued to find a home for the right hand, albeit not as emphatic in this round. Both men stood their ground as they seemed to take a breather after the earlier whirlwind.

In Round 6 Pacquiao stepped up his activity level and while he didn’t land anything that hurt Bradley he fired frequently including a big flurry in the closing moments.

That trend continued in the seventh as Pacquiao utilized his hand speed a bit more and pinned Bradley along the ropes. Several big flurries punctuated the round and while Bradley took the shots well and waved Pacquiao in for more, Manny was winning the round big.

Things slowed slightly in Round 8 as both men looked to duel with their jab. Pacquiao came forward but didn’t land with the same frequency he had in the last two rounds. Both men looked to keep it tactical as it entered the championship rounds.

Things picked up again in the ninth as Bradely was twice sent stumbling off balance early in the round. Pacquiao was like a shark and did some of his best work in the fight while Tim seemed strangely unsteady. The result was a big round for Pacquiao.

Pacquiao continued to rake Bradley with fast sharp punches in Round 10 and Bradley’s legs/feet looked like they were continuing to betray him. He didn’t have the same mechanics that he did earlier when he was winging counter punches and Pacquiao was having a field day changing up angle and landing in flurries.

In the eleventh the pace slowed somewhat and while Bradley had a good rebound round most of his punches came one at a time. Pacquiao continued to utilize good movement and remained the busier fighter which seemingly had him ahead with a round to go.

Bradley came out desperate in the twelfth and Pacquiao took advantage raking him with some big counter shots. Bradley still seemed to have balance issues and that paved the way for a big advantage for Pacquiao late in the bout. Both fighters flurried to close the round but a short headbutt stalled the action as Pacquiao was cut on the cheek. Bradley went for broke in the last five seconds but nothing landed.

After twelve rounds were complete the scores were read as 116-112 (x2) and 118-110, all for Pacquiao.