Written By Fighthits on Sunday, April 13, 2014 | 5:05 PM

Source: Tonton Alcos-Antogop | PhilBoxing.com

CEBU CITY- A win is a win. No matter was the result, Manny Pacquiao won against Timothy Bradley and he is now the new WBO welterweight champion. Actually while many engaged in a pre-fight hype that Pacquiao will go for a knock-out, this writer were among the few who did not categorically went with it based on an interview with the new world welterweight king himself during his training in General Santos City (Philboxing Mar. 9 article, "Pacquiao Vowed no K.O").

Anyway that's the beauty of sports and its reportage, the hyping may or may not happen, surprises even occurs and that is water under the bridge, most importantly, Pacquiao won and the debacle and controversial decision in June 2012 that happened then has been settled once and for all that Pacquiao is the superior boxer than Bradley. NO thanks to CJ Ross and Duane Ford who seemingly watched another fight then inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena by awarding the victory to Bradley. Both Nevadan's their judging career took a nose dive after their controversial ruling that robbed Pacquiao of victory. Ross got a double whammy prompting her judging chores to plummet when she ruled it a draw in the Saul Canelo-Floyd Mayweather fight a year after. This time another Nevadan judge hoisted their state's judging refutation Glen Trowbridge who gave Pacquiao the wider winning margin, 118-110 while Michael Pernick of Canada and Craig Metcalfe of Florida both scored it for 116-112. MetroCebu News also scored it 116-112 while watching the pay per view screening inside the Cebu Parklane Intl. Hotel.

Among those who watched inside the hotel's Victoria room were three widescreen TV sets were installed included Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama, screen actor and singer Randy Santiago and popular Cebu media personality Bobby Nalzaro. When the verdict was announced by Michael Buffer, all those in attendance cheered, which meant also that it was Pacquiao who finally ended the "O" defeat record of Bradley. The former American champion is now holding 31-1 win-loss record (12 KO's) while Pacquiao streched his to 56-5 (38 KO's-2 draws). The win although not through the hyped KO prediction erased the O of Bradley, will Mayweather be the next?